How to Find Trending Topics to Write About on Your Blog

Maintaining a productive and popular blog is simple…

It’s just not easy.

There’s a lot of work involved, and there are several key aspects of self-publication which you need to handle correctly to be successful.

Nail those, however, and you’re home-free. One of those points involves keeping your finger on the pulse – you need to be able to find trending topics to write about in your blog posts.

Don’t Get Caught in the Trap of Non-Specific Content!

Blogs that try to incorporate too much varied subject matter tend to attract a lot of one-off attention. They earn lots of initial views, but few long-term subscribers.

Ultimately, there are too many other websites offering the same thing. In the end, if your blog is like this, it isn’t going to be the first one that your viewers have stumbled upon.

The majority of blogs fall under this broadly defined category to some extent. Those that manage to avoid it entirely are the ones which stand out, regardless of “what” their particular subject matter is.

There’s an audience for anything, as long as you provide valuable and relevant content to make your blog stand out.

The Importance of Finding Trending Topics to Write About

Your topics need to fit within the definable, overall scope of your blog, to maintain consistency. Consistency in itself, improves the value of your content.

A website that presents scattered and disorganised content in a seemingly random fashion is a lot like a shameless know-it-all. It doesn’t carry a lot of weight, either with human audiences or with search engines, because it doesn’t address the needs of a single target audience in any stand-out way.

While maintaining consistency you also need to be able to incorporate new material, and (on occasion) look at the old content in new and exciting ways – from the perspective of your target audience.

You should be writing about trending topics that are relevant to your blog, but also tying them to content that you’ve posted about previously. By doing so, you lend your blog a certain “in the know” quality. It looks like you predicted what was coming, which suggests that you’re worth following regarding future trends.

In summary, focusing on trending topics within your niche will have the following positive effects:

  • Popularity: You’re writing about something in which substantial numbers of people are already interested. If a subject is trending, as with social media, it means people are actively looking for more information about it, and are participating in discussions regarding it. This is a gold mine of potential new subscribers, which can contribute to a new post quickly going viral.
  • Going Viral: A post that ranks well within a social media discussion, courtesy of it being tied to social media posts across several platforms, can generate thousands of new subscriptions overnight. By consistently associating your blog with trending topics in your niche, and presenting valuable content related to those trends, you can significantly improve your brand recognition in a short period. .
  • Get People Talking: This is how to get audiences who are interested in your niche to talk about your blog, spreading the word to others who share the same interest. In general, people are more likely to promote a blog which was initially promoted to them by a friend than they are to promote one that they stumbled upon un-refereed.

How to Find Trending Topics for Your Blog

It goes without saying that social media platforms are one of the best ways to find trending discussion topics on the internet.

Collectively, social media is now the most active ongoing discussion medium available on the web, and it’s only getting bigger.

But are the major social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, the only means of finding trending article topics? And, while we’re at it, what’s the best way to go about doing so?

Social Media Trends

The larger social media platforms shouldn’t be the end of your search for relevant, topical content for your blog, but they are a great place to start looking.

  • Facebook: Facebook is the world’s largest and most densely populated social media platform. It is widely used for business, and to promote professional services; so often so that there are books, college courses, and training programs dedicated specifically to marketing on Facebook. Facebook is one of the two leading social media platforms for tracking online trends. It includes a convenient and simple interface to view trending topics by subject, which is a part of everyone’s individual home page. As of recently, the number of people who are actively discussing a particular subject is displayed in an association, allowing you to pick out the most popular, long-running trends, and take advantage of their popularity in a timely fashion.
  • Twitter: Twitter lags behind Facebook in terms of overall users, but it is the king of trending topics. Twitter tracks topics through a list of currently trending subject matter which includes a variety of information, notably which individuals of note are currently contributing the most to the discussion of a topic. Through hashtags, it’s possible to not only contribute to a trending discussion but also to help popularise one’s own content, by associating personal hashtags with those that are already in circulation.
  • Other Social Media: Facebook and Twitter are the two largest and most popular social media platforms when it comes to finding trending topics to work with, but they’re by no means the only options available. Google+ and Pinterest, for example, have large followings within a comparatively narrow variety of interests (Pinterest is great for writers, hand-crafters, and photographers). With a little research, you can find one or two smaller social media platforms which still cater to a large audience within your preferred niche.

Other Ways to Find Trending Topics

Social media needs to be a big part of your search for trending topics to write blog posts about, but there are other sources of information which can also be extremely helpful.

These take the larger view of social media in general, as well as combing news sites and other sources of information from across the web.

  • Google Trends: Google Trends analyses social media feeds for trending stories and provides detailed analysis of how top trends are performing. You don’t need an analytics account to take advantage of the tool, which can conveniently sort feedback by general subject and country.
  • Social Mention: Social Mention searches a broadly defined base of online information, including news articles and popular websites. It also combs through YouTube, and some of the less populated (and subject-specific) social media websites. Social Mention provides information on any topic, as well as on influencers – ranking individuals who are contributing to that topic’s popularity.

What other methods have you used to find trending blog topics to write about?