Ad Sizes

Advertise World offers a wide range of image banner ad sizes that can be used to fit any given space, whether a website is viewed on mobile or desktop devices. In addition to our anti ad blocking technology we have also pioneered a unique display advertising approach that determines the current width and height available for ad placement and presents an ad that is 'best fit'. This allows our technology to work seamlessly with modern responsive website design (where the website's design is optimized for the dimensions of the viewers screen size).

For ease of ad size selection we have provided examples of each of the banner sizes offered by Advertise World. You will notice that each ad has been scaled to fit the context of a 970px width web page or 320px width mobile telephone. This should give you a good idea of the proportions of each ad relative to the size of the full sized web page. You will also note that we have marked the top performing ad sizes with an asterisk. These ad sizes have historically proven to offer the best exposure and click through rates for our advertisers and publishers. We urge you to include banners for each of the recommended sizes below as a minimum in every ad campaign.

160 x 600
Wide Skyscraper

The 160 x 600 ad size is generally placed on the side of a page, usually found within a website sidebar. It is less popular than 728 x 90 or 300 x 250, but can be a decent performer if placed on every page of your website.

120 x 240
Vertical Banner

This size doesn't tend to perform as well as others due to its small size and limited supply of available display ads. However, if you have a tight space then this format may be ideal.

300 x 600
Half Page *

The 300 × 600 half page unit is a highly successful ad unit in terms of both performance and the eCPM it commands. However many sites are not designed to take it currently due to it's large footprint.

300 x 1050

A brand-centric format that performs well when placed non-intrusively alongside content on the left or right side of the page. This format integrates well with the content and layout of most sites, and provides advertisers with the ability to create engaging, creative content within this ad unit.

125 x 125

The 125 × 125 button unit is is not commonly used outside of listing sites due to their small size. So, typically, these are not recommended on any other type of site.

200 x 200
Small Square

This format can fit into smaller spaces that don't accommodate the larger rectangles. It can perform well but may be limited due to supply availability.

250 x 250

Not a common choice amongst advertisers, but if you are after a square ad then this is the one for you.

120 x 600

120 x 600, also known as a 'skyscraper'. This format can fit into narrower spaces that don't accommodate the 160 x 600 wide skyscraper, though is usually less effective.

180 x 150
Small Rectangle

Another small ad unit that has limited use. Not a popular choice, resulting in restricted supply for this format.

120 x 600
Medium Rectangle *

You can generally expect the highest CPM for this ad unit, along with the 728 × 90, especially if you position it above the fold. It is often tempting to place several 'medium rectangles' on a single page, however, generally only the top most placement on any page will command the highest CPM/CPC.

336 x 380
Large Rectangle *

A great performer and a popular choice amongst advertisers. Usually has plenty of inventory available and is quite a versatile choice, which can be used in page or within a sidebar.

320 x 50
Mobile Leaderboarder

A mobile optimized format that is a little less popular than the 320 x 100 alternative. These ads have been shown to work well as a large smartphone ad format, particularly when used at the bottom of a page.

320 x 100
Large Mobile Banner *

These ads offer advertisers twice the height of our standard 'mobile leaderboard'. Due to it's height advantage over the 320 x 50, this unit is a top performer.

234 x 60
Half Banner

As the name suggests, this format offers half the width of it's bigger sibling. Due to it's smaller size and limited usage it is not recommended and is a poor performer.

468 x 60

If 728 pixels are not available then the 468 x 60 is the next best choice. Supply is generally limited though, so it may be difficult to fill an ad space of this size.

728 x 90
Leaderboard *

728 x 90s command the highest CPMs, and are so standard and prevalent across the internet that they should definitely be used on every page. If you choose only one banner from this list, this is the one you should go for. Remember, above the fold is always best.

970 x 90
Large Leaderboard

As screen sizes increase, so to does the demand for this ad unit. Analysis of your target audience may uncover a growing trend towards larger website real estate. If that is the case then this ad unit may be more suitable than the standard 'leaderboard' 728 x 90.

970 x 250
Billboard *

Sometimes referred to as a 'large leaderboard', this ad unit is ideal to showcase High-Definition content such as photos and detailed illustrations.