15 Sites That Will Pay You to Write for Them

If you can create compelling content and want to make money online, you can find sites that will pay you to write for them.

These sites offer a range of remuneration rates and provide a variety of subject areas. They are perfect for the budding freelance writer or for people who want to create new careers entirely online.

We’ve gathered together 15 of the best sites for making money with your writing skills, let’s look at what each of them has to offer…

1. Textbroker

One of the most popular content sites on the Web, Textbroker writers can choose from a pool of thousands of article assignments daily.

When writers sign up to work on the site, they are assigned a rating based on the quality of their writing sample. This rating determines the rate of pay that the writer can earn per article.

Writers for Textbroker can also accept direct orders – orders sent directly to one writer only. For direct orders writers set their price per word and Textbroker takes a percentage.

Team orders are sent to small groups of selected writers, and writers can audition for high volume teams. There is usually a steady stream of articles on the site in a variety of categories.

Visit Textbroker here.

2. The Content Authority

The Content Authority is another direct paying site, and writers are paid when the site’s clients accept their work.

The Content Authority scores their writers on a scale from 1-4, with the highest paying articles reserved for level-4 writers.

Work on the site is often scarce, and the highest ranking articles are snatched up quickly.

Topics run the gamut of subjects, from blog posts on bodybuilding supplements to articles for senior care websites. Writers have between 8-12 hours to complete their pieces, depending on the length of the text.

Pay on this site is competitive with other content writing sites and writers are paid weekly by PayPal. However, the site requires writers to meet a $25 earnings threshold before they can be paid.

Visit The Content Authority here.

3. Interact Media

Interact Media is one of the busier content writing sites, paying slightly more than similar sites. Rates range from $.007 to $.016 per word.

Interact Media offers a database of article assignments on everything from personal finance to travel and law. They have a staff of writers who will review your articles for substance and style and assign you a writer level between 1 and 5.

Clients can also tip writers who have done exceptional work. Interact Media pays fortnightly on the first and 15th of each month.

Visit Interact Media here.

4. Constant Content

Constant Content doesn’t pay writers directly; it provides a marketplace in which writers and clients can buy and sell content. Authors can create their work or respond to clients’ requests for specific content.

Writers then post snippets of their writing and name their price for the articles. Since writers set their own pricing, there are opportunities to earn high rates for articles of varying lengths.

Writers can also make more profit based on how their articles are used. “Exclusive rights” articles are only sold once, and clients can be assured that no other client will use the same material. Writers can charge a premium for these articles, which are more lucrative than “open rights” articles which authors can sell again and again. As with most marketplaces, the more articles a writer posts on a site, the more they can earn.

Visit Constant Content here.

5. Zerys

Zerys is one of the larger content writing sites that pays writers when clients accept their articles. Authors are asked to fill out extensive profiles that list their areas of specialisation and are offered articles that fit their areas of expertise.

Zerys pays their writers weekly, and there is rarely a shortage of work on the site. They rate their writers based on the quality of their work, and the higher the rating, the higher the pay.

Visit Zerys here.

6. WriterAccess

Of all of the content writing sites on the Web, this one is a favourite for freelance writers. Not only does WriterAccess offer higher rates of pay than most of the other sites, but they also offer access to premium clients, resources to assist in your writing, and elite teams.

WriterAccess has rigorous criteria for selecting writers, and they have a no-nonsense approach to keeping quality high on the site. Miss a deadline? You’re off the site. Getting chosen as a writer for WriterAccess is challenging, so bring your A-game when you sign up to work.

Visit WriterAccess here.

Sites that Hire Travel Writers

7. Matador Network

If you travel internationally, you can find assignments for travel blog postings on the Matador Network. This site pays between $20-$60 per article. Writers who include photos can often earn additional pay.

The Matador Network creates guides around certain cities, so this site is particularly useful for writers who want to earn while they travel.

Visit Matador Network here.

8. The Expeditioner

The Expeditioner is the premier location for “Top 10” travel lists. If you can write about the “Top 10 Places to Eat in Heathrow Airport,” or “Top 10 Camel Ride Excursions in Dubai,” you can find work with Expeditioner.

The site pays $30 per article and allows writers to include a short bio with each piece. Unlike content writing sites that hire ghost writers, this bio will help you build up an online portfolio.

Visit The Expeditioner here.

9. Tripbase

Tripbase hires writers to share their travel stories and combine them with engaging images. If you have an eye for great photos and the ability to write strong content, you can earn up to $30 per article with Tripbase.

Writers have a large selection of assignments to choose from, and will find regular work on the site.

Visit Tripbase here.

10. Unanchor

Travellers who are visiting a new location may want a detailed itinerary written by locals or seasoned visitors who know the lay of the land.

Do you know of the best places to get lamb samosa in New York? Or the best place to see whales in Ensenada? You can write an itinerary for this popular site and help other travellers.

Payment varies based on the parameters of the itinerary and its popularity. Writers receive a percentage of the itinerary’s final sale price.

According to the website, writers receive 75% of the price of the itinerary after it sells. Authors can create multiple itineraries per location and build up a profitable portfolio of work.

Visit Unanchor here.

11. Oyster

Oyster’s tagline is “You Can’t Return a Bad Vacation.” If you have ever been inspired to book a holiday based on glowing photos in glossy brochures, only to find that the beaches are littered with trash and the hotels are next to a construction site, you will love Oyster.

This site hires writers and photographers to scope out hotels and post real photos and reviews so that travellers can make informed decisions.

Oyster requires writers to travel to locations across the globe. It also hires writers to cover specific cities in the United States. Writers must also be able to take photos of the sites, so a professional camera is a necessity.

Visit Oyster here.

12. Transitions Abroad

This site is dedicated to delivering authentic experiences that celebrate the appreciation for cultures from around the world.

They seek out articles from writers who have travelled, worked or studied abroad. They are particularly interested in articles about transitioning to life abroad, becoming an expatriate and working remotely from overseas locations.

Transitions Abroad pays $100 per post. The site lists guidelines for exactly what articles they are seeking and how writers can submit their work.

Visit Transitions Abroad here.

Sites that Pay for Guest Posts

13. Wisebread

If you are the king or queen of all things frugal, you are probably familiar with Wisebread. This site gives tips on living frugally, earning additional income and repairing credit.

Wisebread hires writers to create guest posts about everything from saving on groceries to paying off your mortgage early. Their editors require a short description of the post before you submit it.

The post must follow the tone and voice of other articles on the site, and meet certain standards for quality. Wisebread pays between $40 and $50 per article.

Visit Wisebread here.

14. LabMice

For everything there is to know about IT and computer security, there is LabMice. This site pays for articles related to project management, cloud computing and other topics that IT professionals will love.

LabMice pays $60-$100 per article, and there are often multiple opportunities to write for the site.

Visit LabMice here.

15. Listverse

The leader in “Top Ten” lists, Listverse pays writers to create content for their site. If you can create a “top ten” list of restaurants or movies or pop culture references, you can earn $100 per list.

Lists are typically about 1500 words. Writers are expected to submit writing samples and adhere to strict formatting guidelines for their lists.

Visit Listverse here.


When it comes to finding writing work online, many sites pay for high-quality writing. Whether you write short blog posts about garden hoses or in-depth articles about your travels abroad, there is a site that will pay you for your craft.